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Alt 01.02.2024, 17:09   #1
männlich Schlickbart
Dabei seit: 02/2024
Ort: cgn
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Standard Gravelpit


Expectant baiting,
erect and waiting,
please tease me lewd,
breath easy dude,
breathless god,
lets wet this rod,
fear Kali’s cuntlips,
assume them taking,
hear these footsteps,
the room starts shaking,
address it then,
this elephant,
this verdict of the reverend,
with logic always ever damned,
she's faultier, first bite is hers,
see Lucifers are lightbearers,
but mental effort, Doctor Seuss!
this dental record rockhard proves,
that the patient is unfit,
and should be used to cum and sip,
devine ambrosia, milky tit,
let me suck this swollen clit,
let my tongue roll over it,
let me pump it,
when I want it,
endless cum in stream and droplets,
crossing cheekbones, open eyelids,
cute and naughty, pretty filthy,
now then tell me,
who is guilty?

Needs the question to be asked?
When the truth acts up unmasked,
where healthy acts and bad demeanours,
share shaky legs with glassy femurs,
because what's holding us up,
is holding us back,
is holding on tight,
now straighten that back,
let all else fall flat,
don't carry at all,
just let it all fall,
the self needs no help but every road has a fork,
we needy, we yelp, so for us to uncork,
message in a bottle,
genie in a bottle,
you gotta rub me the right way.

Because to me it feels like I'm presenting,
and it's for you to decide how to take it,
and if you decide to embrace what I’ve build up here,
or have a taste of it,
or cuddle up to it,
or just like to watch it,
then that's quite allright.
But please don't take what I offer and then expect or even demand more,
because I truly don't expect or demand anything from you,
it's just, if I spread my legs a little, so to speak,
for you to spread your wings a little, so to peak,
so instead of netflix and chill with video on demand,
its undemanded libido with freewilled words no dickpics,
and maybe that's cool, or not, sorry not sorry,
but no means no!
which I haven't heard so far,
and maybe it's just difficult,
reaching for that scary-scar,
where healing is what must ensue,
when dealing with a trust issue,

The invitation reads as follows:
If this has reached and filled your hollows,
Don't throw it back against this man,
Turn inward now, see what you can,
cuz touched by otherworldly hands,
is just another wordy dance,
see here,
come near,
leave want and fear,
in silence hear,
in darkness see and numbness feel,
what is to me achilles heel,
a place of vulnerability,
glass half full and orderly,
explore this place,
this word born space?
exactly not, you give it grace,
accept it, god, you’re the creator,
come on,
these here,
are words on paper,
at most a knock on your own door,
knuckles on wood, nothing more,
you’ve opened it, you take the step,
you’re folded in, your gravelpit,
your mystery,
unravel it,
check check, check out…
lets play with it,
my card deck I make out of
that royal shit,
veni, vidi, video,
over & out,
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