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Alt 05.12.2023, 12:50   #1
männlich JWagner
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Standard The Mountain Monk

"There's something missing," thought the man
A smart professor with a plan
So well-read, learned, highly esteemed
His accolades and honors gleamed

He journeyed to a distant peak
There lived a Zen-monk, so to speak
An enlightened one, he thought
Who could yet give him, what he sought

He found him, introduced himself
"Professor Dr. Dr. Smith, myself
I come from far away and strive
Seeking what lacks in my whole life"

The mountain monk, he did invite
To a cup of tea, so green and light
He filled the cup to its very top
Continued on - he didn't stop!

The tea spilled over onto the floor
The stranger crieed: "can't take anymore!
Enough, enough, what foolish play!
What are you doing?" he did say

"My dear Sir, this is quite sure:
In full cups, there's nothing to pour
When filled with knowledge, even more
You should empty the cup, to hear, explore

Pour out the old, release the weight
Let go of things, it's not too late
Thereon be still and let it flow
Just witness wonders, let them grow!"
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knowledge, seeking, wisdom

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