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Alt 24.05.2023, 14:08   #1
weiblich Ebony
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Dabei seit: 11/2017
Alter: 25
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Standard Let me tell you about Loneliness

Let me tell you about loneliness
It's growing up in a family
That loves you
But you are not the problem child.
So you take a step back
Let them have the attention
I can deal with my stuff

Let me tell you about loneliness
It's finding friends
And liking them until time passes
Two years at the most
And suddenly they are gone
Either backstabbed you
Or you grew apart

Let me tell you about loneliness
It's meeting people
Who tell you everything
They trust you deeply
But as soon as you need them
They will be absent.
Not listening nor responding.

Let me tell you about loneliness
Its being smart
And being able to help people
They are thankful for that
When when you start to talk
About the things in you heart
They do not understand

And at some point
After no two years
spent with the same people
You realize that those you called friends
Were always just fleeting acquaintances
Destined to leave you
Mostly sooner than later
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