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Alt 11.05.2005, 01:19   #1
Dabei seit: 05/2005
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Standard Wisdom's business

Business never brings all wisdom you need
Or the deepest satisfaction with one deed
Business makes a man and let him fall
Business is like the driest call

Money makes our world go round
Money with oil or money with sound
Business doesn*t replace an important thought
That is why everyone*s business is that short

Nobody can be wise if they never love
Or even never think about the lord above
It is every question about our life
And not the business that makes you wise

Unfortunately life became money
Only prices makes a day sunny
Where did all the moments go?
When life wasn*t just for show

Love rules the world; you have to put in mind
For the things you did time cannot be rewind
So always concentrate on the next day
Love and business never went the same way

Love and Business are separated till the end
If you live your wisdom will be sent
And money comes to follow good deals
But it doesn*t show you how wisdom feels
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