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Alt 10.11.2018, 18:47   #1
männlich gelberhund
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Standard peace

days of deep things forgetting the rather big pictures
of love and happiness and the arms around worlds
we are lonely and our eyes didnt see the other faces
right in the dark we shimmer and there was no other truth
roses held us deeply in a work of nothingtofear
while we searched for the honest priests of the gods
in the peace of the cosmos blowing through the fields of grain..

it does not always matter that understanding is difficult
we grasp the books and have computed much science
also the poetry of love was our kind and warm companion
to reverberate the moon watching over the earth at night
in days of luck we could dance with starlit angels dancing
holding in our mouths the planets playing with our souls
who wish us a life, and death like a sullen heartbeat..

so we would go to this beyond of everything and the life of eternity!
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