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Alt 13.04.2018, 17:36   #1
männlich Herveus
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Standard Telling or writing stories can be a way of personal expressi

Telling or writing stories can be a way of personal expression and freedom.
Sometimes I just feel like I'm hanging on a rim,
Slowly being pulled away from salvation,
When all I want is emancipation.
Gazing down into pitch black darkness I'm starting to hope less.
Throwing down a stone, filled with the last bit of hope.
Descending for eternity into nothingness, it seems hopeless.
Beginning to overthink this morning hor (r)oscope.
It already said you'll fall down a slope,
No, that is a fight with which I cannot cope.
Staying up all night now seems harmless,
Saying I want my mind to be harmed less seems useless, because :
Ironically in honesty, it's caused by me getting almost chronically, not the way I want it to be.
I want to be free,
I want to leave my worries behind.
Ussualy and personally I prefer to deal with it lyrically,
Write them down, make'em history, at least for me.
But not always do I have that presence of mind.
Most of the time I do not know what to do,
Even used my 50/50, Still don't have a clue,
But then it hits me like I'm Scooby doo.
Watching vivid videos of pros to forget'em as solution,
They become truly sole use then.
Just so I can forgett about'em by daunting tomorrow.
Just so I can forgett about'em makin' me feel a bit of sorrow.
Just so I can tell myself I can handle it, it's not that serious.
Just so I can tell myself I can handle it, it's not making me deliours.
But then I put my pen to paper,
Writing them down is uplifting like an elevator.
Then I can leave'em behind for at at least a little bit,
Sure I admit some come back lickety split,
But others never make a comeback and stay in the pitch black pit.
Some of these though I don't like'em, I don't want'em, I don't need'em.
So yes for me sometimes telling and mostly writing stories is a way of personal expression and in thought freedom.

And before you worry about me,
No I am not depressed,
This is just something I came up with,
To further increase my skills as a wordsmith,
So yes I did this to have progressed.
On a last not so to speak,
Yes I acctualy use this as a technique.
This allows me to just let go,
This allows me to just just forget everything for a while like when I'm climbing in Fontainebleau.
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