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Alt 11.09.2012, 09:26   #1
männlich M.D.
Dabei seit: 09/2012
Ort: Bayern
Alter: 30
Beiträge: 13

Standard Smile

You look at me,
i look at you.
You're smiling
and i'm smiling too.
You don't move,
i hold my breath
and you won't move,
you're embraced by death.
But not only death is embracing your body,
because dead skin and limbs are makeing him naughty.
He touches you at most secret places
He cases his only member in cases
where no one has ever been before
and lastly encases himself with gore.
A few minutes before
you'd never expected, neglected and disrespected
the warnings you've been told..
you didn't believe and neither did he,
that this would happen to you. No, he,
had no doubt at all that it would go this way.
And no sway was necessary to claim your obsession for a while.
He used something far terrible, deceitful and enchanting...
a smile.
A smile so gently and pure that you were so sure,
to be in right hands.
But you'll never see, that it started, how it ends.

// first poem i "publish". tell me what you think about it (i know it's.. hmm weird?.. i am just writing )
edit: deutsche antworten sind auch erlaubt
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Alt 11.09.2012, 10:41   #2
Benutzerbild von Thing
Dabei seit: 05/2010
Beiträge: 35.068

Someone like You -
Kiss Kiss!

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