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Alt 13.04.2018, 17:34   #1
männlich Herveus
Dabei seit: 04/2018
Alter: 18
Beiträge: 13

Standard The Tailor

Feel free
to come to me
I guarantee
That your suit'll be tailor fitted
cuz I am quite witted.
Where I work come all the bitches
to get their stitches
to brag among the snitches
pretending like they had some riches.
As you can see
I'm customising it to the full extend of me (mii).
Sacraficing every single drop of time
to find another rhyme
sitting in front of my empty paper till sunshine
I am hating myself to the core
because my rhymes are too bloody raw.
I just wanna flee
from me
but I can't afford the fee
and yet my heart still wishes to be free.
And every night they are coming the tears
from all these absurd fears.
Again again I'm sittin on my bed
breaking my head
Unable to come up with anything
I even tried using bing
but can't find a solution for the pollution in my brain
I am starting to turn clinically insane.
I wish someone would be here for me now
but all there is is that bloody crow
and I can't find another rhyme in time
I just wanna press pause
feelin' like a lost cause
with no remorse
there is no humanity in me left
I even commited lyrical theft
And that is not the only crime
I also wasted your time
Again and again my day ends in tears
because of all these absurd fears
I just can't stand myself anymore
I'm feelin' rotten to the core like my teeth.
It's time for me to leave.
It's like a curse.
Only way out is to end the verse.
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