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Alt 13.04.2018, 23:13   #1
männlich Herveus
Dabei seit: 04/2018
Alter: 18
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Standard Rengar the Pridestalker

A lot of references can only be understood by those having at least somewhat broad knowledge of the video game "League of Legends".

I long to live to hope to hunt down every single space.
Every day ends for me on a colossal killing spree.
When Rengar roars Rengar roams is just a cliche.
Wehn I roar I go in raw with my tracker's knife to end his hideous life.
If I may I'll stay and lay waiting for my prey beneath the jungle leaves next to the humongous trees.
When I seek I always have the need to succeed; make'em feed; leave'em beat.
I'm grinding grumps, beating blues, smashing "stones", raiding red's, wounding wolves & wraiths, you're getting jealous, I'm jungling fix to hit 6 with my cool kid cool kit getting a cool hit thanks to my bag o'tricks.
I'm Overpowered - NEED A HOTFIX.
I am chic like Marry Poppins,
I am sick like ebola using my e-bola strike to catch my cautious prey.
I'm an unseen predator of unseen savagery hear my battle roar.
I feel the thrill of the hunt - "Shit he is escaping" - , he tried to flee, I'M GETTING ANGRY, CATCH THAT CUNT!
Gragas get me a pine of beer and the bear.
Kharthus bring the torture gear.
Let's make him suffer, slowly getting rougher.
Stretch him out, make him thin.
Tear off his Wings, limb for limb.
Fill his bag back with boulders, dislocate his shoulders.
Break his leg, let him go.
After getting to the forest bring him Back,
slit his throat with draktar.
Now get back on the lookout, we've got to find Khai'Sa.
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Alt 14.04.2018, 02:42   #2
Dabei seit: 04/2018
Alter: 54
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Not sure about that one :'x
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