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Alt 03.12.2019, 11:19   #1
männlich JH1963
Dabei seit: 09/2019
Alter: 17
Beiträge: 46

Standard Country Line

She is a true Country girl
Loving her, she is a little Country pearl
He, she and they are fine
Along the forest line
You are the true friend
To be with you is best

Together through the forest
Must say to be honest
Cowgirl and Cowboy
A great feeling to enjoy
Don’t know why
You aren’t a lie

Her friendship is true
To short, who are you
A real friendship
I can read it from her lip
You sit next to me
Understanding like a team

With the supervisor
One group, one time
Long days, short nights
A week, full of lights
Week is full of sun
With a lot of fun

In my heart
A little part of heart
Part of everything
Friendship in spring
Place and go
Fast and slow

I enjoy with you the time
See the week in a line
Time to short
The time with you, a friend
You are the light
You are very bright

I like you and miss much
A good friend, a friendship crush
I like you
That is true
Hope I see next time
It will be very fine
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Alt 05.12.2019, 17:15   #2
männlich Walther
Benutzerbild von Walther
Dabei seit: 03/2013
Beiträge: 428

Hi JH,
well well. I hope that you don't believe that this were either a great poem or awesome lyrics. These verses aren't both of it. Reasons: (a) They are a metric chaos. (b) The content is an uninspired assembly of platitudes and banalities rephrased so often that even a country enthusiast would run off.
What does that mean? I suggest you try writing good poetry in German at the beginning. With that suggested I am strongly pointing at reading well-done poetry first and then publishing your tries second.
Good thing is that there is hope. No-one is a great poet at the very beginning; all of us have to undergo a hard time of tough criticisms - a lot of them hard to bear.
stay tuned!
best W.
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Alt 05.12.2019, 17:44   #3
männlich JH1963
Dabei seit: 09/2019
Alter: 17
Beiträge: 46

This is one of my first poems in English. Of course this isn't very good.
I usually i write German poems, but this was a first try to write an English poem.
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friendship, love with life, lovely

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