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Alt 29.09.2007, 21:48   #1
Fiona McKinney
Dabei seit: 09/2007
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Standard The Dark Red

The Dark Red

The sweet wine tastes sour
in my mouth, just an hour
ago I never knew the taste of ash.
But then, I also didn't know she was that rash.
A furious girl, I am thinking,
into wine and fireplace flames I am sinking.

Were you thinking then?
During the moment when
I once, just once, let down my guard
and you sank a dagger into my heart?
Girl, you are my grave, you are my gallows.
Watching dark fire, I'm taking more swallows.

This wine is not sour anymore, it is pain.
It's making my tongue sore, it's a throb in my brain.
How can you turn me on and then turn me away?
And how could I not notice this love's strange array?
How is it that before long our hearts went astray
and after a time there was hate underway?

Or was it? Was it really hate
that led you or was I just too late?
Hate or hurt, what made you hurt me back?
Thinking like this, I'm watching the black
creeping into the evening into this room
you left now, leaving the gloom
of solitary brooding and pondering with me.
But it's your face, not the fireplace, I want to see.

Instead of going to bed
I am drinking more of the red.
Will you think of returning?
While these flames are still burning
in this hearth I built for you, just you
and me, look, here's what we'll do:
Let us play pretend.
Let's climb to the stars and fly to Neverland
or anywhere else where time never dies,
where a timeless Love And Life for us lies.
Come, let us forget what we did
to each other, what secrets we hid
from each other, let us forget.
I will buy us a new set
of indestructible hearts to share.
Of them I will take the best care.
I will buy us of loves a whole stack.
I will do as you say, if you come back.

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