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Alt 13.01.2021, 22:22   #1
männlich KonradS
Dabei seit: 01/2021
Ort: Berlin
Beiträge: 31

Standard January 5, 2021

'fess up
you stied in quiet befuddlement
from the expectation
of knowing better
as you watched
that white fort of hypocrisy, almost
burn black
like a wobbling tower of tires

it's actually you
who hoped this horde of squits
stiring up ye old beast of the Ness
the dozing leviathan
deep in the bloody lode of human rites
would disappear
like a miracle

the dove of peace
turned out to be a grey quist
now your mentors, your friends, your family
take up the spittling lore
the scented candles
claptrap and voodoo
evil kenevil
trick or treat and boo who?

sired by years of denial
made in China for you
stress avoidance, mindfulness
freshly updated user conditions
sweeping the way to effortless inquisitions
they now have the rights too
to pictures
of your sourdough bread
the name of your husband
your lover
and dad

fork it up
and you do!
you have been tried
you have been tested
you remain squeaky true
no one needs to suss out one squirt about you
it's written in quires
sealed, stamped and sent
carried by some sort of squirmy squire
with shiny tresses, very well-kempt
but quite of uneven temperament

But I guess I don't care
do you?
how could I claim to
we are still here in this stupid long queue
I never really tried to quit it
and you?
our eyes tied to the screen
our fantasies
our dreams
of yore
boo hoo
you thought the nazis were bad
I wanted to think so too
but I knew better
and I know you did too
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