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Alt 20.02.2019, 01:06   #1
männlich Kadmeia
Benutzerbild von Kadmeia
Dabei seit: 02/2019
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Standard Nice Guy

I see you have a boyfriend
but consider this
he might be a dead end.
Not a gentleman like me
tipping fedoras and drinking tea.

You see this Chad
this uncultured swine
not like me with my classy shine.
I'm just a nice guy trying to make ends meet
in this world where Stacies and Chads take the lead.

My superior intellect is shown as plain as day
please, M'lady, let your feelings sway.
Your boyfriend is clearly an asshole
is this why your heart he stole?

Prison is where he'll be soon
after beating you senseless one afternoon (the idiotic baboon).
So I ask you this
are you truly his?

The friendzone is what I'm fighting against
my feelings silenced, my advancements denounced.
Armed with my fedora and my high IQ,
my sharp tongue more powerful than any voodoo.
With this arsenal of mine,
I will deliver upon your boyfriend a vengeance of my own design.

"Stop texting me.", you say?
are you truly wishing me away?

I knew it!

After all a Stacy you are,
you just want money and a nice new car.
My Clementine I thought you to be,
but you're nothing but a shallow whore, I see.

So with anger and rage
and sorrow I engage.
Readying my literary swords
I type these words:

Don't text me again, bitch.
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