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Alt 13.04.2018, 17:37   #1
männlich Herveus
Dabei seit: 04/2018
Alter: 17
Beiträge: 12

Standard Juliet Diary

Ohh what twisted thoughts I have [sigh]
How drawn I am between these thoughts of mine and those of my mother.
Who is wishing for Paris to become my married lover and to stay in line.
However, marriage is an honor I dream not of, yet I wish to be in love.
While others may have already lost their maidens head at the age of nine,
I, however, wish to still go out every day and see the sunshine and not bow down before the marriage shrine.
Not to stay inside all day long doing household chores,
while for my family marriage is a powerful force,
for me, it feels like a forced thought.
While I want my mother to be happy,
she shall not decide for me.
I don't wish to spend the rest of my life just being someone's wife.
And thus I am conflicted on what to choose,
how next to move,
on how to act.
And all of that just due to ... an eternal pact.
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