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Standard Of boys and birds

This specially written for the older ones of you already capable of giving and taking life,
as you also can get your life given and taken at any moment specially from now on as youre now swimming in the big pool of human shark carnivore fishes killers socielty of all sins.
If theres another true vegetarian and such as me, I cannot know if the others pretending that are truthful so I speak to you as if I am the only one, as always one only knows oneself best.

If you have the chance to meet me in your life and me inviting you, despite youre already guilty in death sinning of eating dead animals which is the same as eating children, cause the animals you eat stand as little chance against you wanting to eat them as children would.
You meeting a real non violent and non fucker who doesnt beat, lie or fuck anybody.
I am the cleanest of all guys cause my body is not made up of dead rotten animal corpses and I spend most time in nature so even if I have some dust, earth and coal on me, its all clean stuff you could put on a wound to heal yorself and has nothing to do with the toxic dirt of your civilisation.

So me not eating animals or children being a no fucker and a non violent,
i am the only human I know of that is save to be with as I have nothing perverted, creepy, dangerous, forbidden or disgusting in any of my life.

Unfortunately you have all been abused by education and social media social engineering brainwashing so you dont know exactly what is right and wrong, what is good and bad, what is beauty and what is ugly.
Cause you eat the children of the world, the peaceful herbivore animals which are angels just like children.

But me liking you and inviting you is probably your last chance of getting into paradise before being fully transformed into an adult/zombie by necrophile witches man eating death worship society.

But if you read what I written, if you hear my music, see my art or meet me and dont realize who I am and think i am dirty or a liar or creepy or stupid or violent or ugly or old, then
the devil will get you and hes no cool but ugly then.

Cause he is in love with me, me being the only one capable of loving him really
and saving him cause theres noone out there capable of loving a man and devil as I can. Just listen to my music, but youre just hearing didoodidoo cause youre already almost entirely brain dead and dont know it yet cause you fucked a younger cunt. And any woman has any age, doesnt matter for a witch, its always as well your mother and daughter the little girl that you fuck when you fuck one and thats your end.
Your devil that kills you will be that little girl...

So the devil, thinking hes ugly and ugly behaving, sitting not far from me observing everything I do, me being all day with all my angels the birds. Theres many of them with me. Many many.
They all have been boys like you before with something still alive in them which made me like them.
But then they left me after some minutes or hours, to go back to hell doing sinning, probably cuntfucking
and as soon as they away from me my love for them makes them like glowing in the dark, visible mark for any demon around and there are millions of them demons and that glow is what theyre out for most.
In your case the devil will appear as a little bit childish woman or girl and thats it for you.

Next thing is you wake up and wandering around as a mindless zombie like them all, loosing almost overnight the last bit of your beauty and youth and spending an eternity as ugly zombie than is condammed to live in a grey lonely and cold world all allone. For almost an eternity.
Next thing you wake up and dont have hands anymore cause the devil punished you for being so stupid and thinking i am nop good to touch, and he giving you feathers instead of fingers.
And you loose your capabilityu to speak cause the devil punishes you for being so stupid to believe social media lies and brainwashing that my words are not true.
And You have now little birdeys bodys not able to live the magic electric energetic, healing touch with me as you could have when you preferred to walk away from me thinking theres something more important than being with me.
And you will not be able to gather any more posessions or money as a punishement cause you left me for making money or getting stuff
as in reality with me you could have got the whole paradise.
And you will not have a house any more as a punishement for not inviting me to your place or being in my place with me and the birds.

So there you go for the next 7 years and NOW you can realize who I am, free from social media brainwashing, and you can stay with me but with feathers.

So you see, thats why there are always so many birds around me whereever I am.

Next thing after 7 years so, is you getting again a chance of meeting me, me liking you a bit or much and inviting you,
your only chance to get into paradise,
and if that next time youre again falling victim of education and killers society brainwashing, there
will be the devil sitting just after me saying hello to you, maybe in form of a beautiful young woman or boy,
being all clean without dust
and smelling all clean but a bit artificial
and spending a great time with you having fun at cool places
drinking a glass, eating some good meat, racing around in some big machine, going pretending dancing in some
dark, underearthly place to the dead beat of the machine of death noise and you
waking up next day again
with feathers instead of hands
maybe cause somebody put something in your drink in that hell place.

The sins most of you loose all one day are those things that everybody does and nobody, besides me, ever asked if they really are allowed to be done.

Forbidden is anything that does or may cause birth or death which are both the same and those giving birth are also the masters of death, nothing else.

Wake up boys, especially the older ones amongst you, its time we finish off with this hell of a world of eating, beating, killing and fucking it all up the wrong way, paradies is infinitely easier to have and to stay in than that hell world of vampires which is so
complicated and hard to keep going, only possible cause of billions working like crazy and billions invested in social media brain washing round the clock only showing you the demons as the good ones and the angels as bad ones.
Anyone presented as good or a star or hero in the social media or books, is an ugly vampire zombie demon and a dead but you blind fools think theyre nice looking.

Healthy peaceful nature is the only measure you have for right and wrong,
only the ones where the wild birds go to and sleep with are good ones,
but you poor braionwashed fools dont even realize that its the best sign when the wild birds sleep with me, youre thinking that may be just cause of me manipulating them as manipulation is the only form of social exchange you pooor fools know from zombie social media
and when theres something true with nature happening showing everybody who the real angels are, you brainwashed zombies even get that the wrong way around, completely insane but always true.
Just look at the plantes I touched how they blossom and flower afterwards, thats a proof, those things cannot be tricked likle your social media crap lies.

The devil and them witches the only ones perfectly see who I am, thats the crazy thing so me spending all day riscing my health and spending my precious time and fighting them off only to be close to you in civilisation and give you a chance to meet me but you brainless and blinded fools think i am hanging round like that cause i am the bad, no having a place, dirty one not realizing i am onkly taking all that beating all day long in your hell trying to save you.

Open your eyes, truth and beauty being the only things interesting me.
And to get all of you out of that carnivore fuckers machine bitches hell back into paradise where you belong.

Solong I spend my time with your feathered versions, at least i am not allone like that and when you have feathers instead of hands for grabbing, you all see my beauty and are in love with me, thing seemingly impossible as long as you blinded and fooled by social media lies.

your little star
stella with all the love,
respect, honnesty and tenderness, strength, truth,
beauty, creativity, liberty and freedom
and health possible
for you my beloved but a little foolish boys
already adult and already with one foot in the grave without realizing it,
get that foot back out, open your eyes and help me
wish for truth and beauty for everybody only for that
truth about everybody gets known and the end of all this lying and hiding and pretending and killing and eating each other in carnivore vampire society.

I wish beauty and truth and only that, about me first, truth and nothing but truth
you know how i managed to get out of my sinners life into paradise and if I could do it, all of you can succeed in doing so cause
i was a much bigger sinner than you alltogether when i was younger but now things ok and i can help you now for i know the way out of hell for
i went it so many times, each day to see you i go to hell and the evening back out into paradise
the only thing than enables you to enter and leave the hell or world of the dead are
the tears of true unconditional love
cause them poor dead dont even realize theyre dead cause they do like everybody...

much love to you all and good luck on your way into paradise and no need to suffer or die to get there its as easy as it is to meet me cause i am the nicest guy around as they say.

stella, some minor corrections at 15:21

written in sitges spain just now.

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