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Alt 01.06.2019, 13:55   #1
männlich Gaxxy
Dabei seit: 06/2019
Ort: Cottbus
Beiträge: 2

Standard Sinner's Slope

Sinner's Slope

I. Invasion

I invite you to a walk
which goes beyond ones thoughts and dreams
Your sanity is my demand
for benefits no god redeems.

To comprehend what I proclaim
take my hand and hold it tight.
Lets descent in his domain
I will be your beacon light.

The place we seek was mine by law
beautiful, untouched and raw.
My sanctuary, my solid keep
the safest place to fall asleep.

Imagination, time and pain
from love and knowledge I had gained.
I created
you might guess
a paradise
not more - not less.

But this has changed over the past.
My place of joy - it did not last.
Some disguised being entered here
Made all the beauty disappear.

Its purpose unknown to my mind.
not grown enough to stand his kind.
Claiming everything in sight
Meaning, reason - even light.

II. Ghosts

Stay closer now and dont get lost
plains of defilement lay ahead.
A blurred border we have crossed.
nothing flourishs but the dead.

On the left hand you might see
remnants of forgotten days.
The fields of curiosity.
Extinguished in a fiery blaze.

Over here a rusty gate
I locked it sometime in the past.
All my desires dwell inside
I lost the key
so lets get past.

Every time I visit here
a lifeless habit so it seems.
I miss the vivid streams of thoughts
and never resting peace machines.

III. Ashes

Black as tar with strings of dark
infesting water, soil and air.
Undoing is impossible
corrupted blood runs everywhere.

A watching shroud which deafens me
every time I'd rather be
free of doubts and numbing fear
a strangling plague
a poisen sphere.

When he comes
you wont resist
surrender luck and hope alike.
He feeds on it
takes everything
approaching us -
The Devils Shrike.

With lust and malice it appears
convulsing hatred in his veins.
annihilation is his task
My long gone paradise he reigns.

Preying on my very roots
In every corner of this realm
he sunk his teeth - drained all my will.
Frozen - while the demon loots.

IV. Surface

We will leave now - its enough.
I've shown you everything there is.
Just cut the strings and take a breath
Take your way out
you can not miss.

A tragedy you witnessed here.
Threads of life are running thin.
He offered me to cut them loose.
At some day
I might give in.

Not everything is lost you see.
The rusty gate I locked bears hope.
I recalled the warmth inside -
will leap right in from Sinner's Slope.
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Alt 08.06.2019, 08:15   #2
männlich gelberhund
Benutzerbild von gelberhund
Dabei seit: 02/2015
Ort: erzgebirge
Alter: 42
Beiträge: 1.568

Standard wish

wish you right away through the kisses of stars
where you could hide in drunken daylight bars
to think your coffee day when you receive
the little girls love you can make it breathe
a will and a wish to live like a fish
and to prepare for your girlfriend a pizzy dish
cold cake in the morning and a coffee sweet
a sun in your headheart dawning and your lover meet!
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