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Alt 03.04.2019, 19:57   #1
weiblich LittleBlueDagon
Dabei seit: 06/2018
Alter: 20
Beiträge: 46

Standard Everythings alright

I know it isn't easy
Waking up every morning
Leaving the comfy sheets
Stepping into the cold
Getting to school
Seeing those people around me
Every mind like the cat in the box
Dead yet alive
watching them I feel distant
Listening to the conversations I'm not a part of
Surrounded by those I know
I can't help but feel upset
Am I not worth talking to?
Am I not interesting enough?
maybe I should go

Moving from class to class
From one safe space to another
Never feeling like going home
Yet it exhausts me
My bed calls me
Getting home my mind collapses
I can't think straight
Yet I'm filled with new energy
Resting my head on the table
My body wants to move, but I don't
I look on my phone
No new messages
A shiver runs down my spine
I lay down
The thick sheets on top of me
I'm still cold
My phone lights up
I play a song
I close my eyes
The lyrics echoe through my mind
Everythings alright

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Alt 03.04.2019, 23:20   #2
männlich gelberhund
Benutzerbild von gelberhund
Dabei seit: 02/2015
Ort: erzgebirge
Alter: 42
Beiträge: 1.568

you write that wonderful thing:
the truth!

or probably the problems of youth
do you know a phone booth?
somewhere in the county of Ruth?

I answered like a gay:
you know your way
to the box of asthma spray..
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