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Alt 16.09.2019, 09:01   #1
männlich gelberhund
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Standard thoughts

too much strong wine, in the finer assembly of not yours or mine
felt this rather deeply, cannot close with a straight line
little joy and thinker peace can't sleep bridgy underneath
and when i once fell into the fire, nobody else saw the unblack liar
i try a song and russian love breeds my tiredness gone and i was a son again
of the lovely mother and the goodmake dad a fan
though i couldn't joyfully sing see you then
i became quickly a pain and a tear and a grown up man..

so i smile once more and try the teenager desktop chore
a game for me and my mother will visit too thee
she sometimes understood and helped my fragile soulteach me
gave me some chips and i was unlucky soulfool free
when mr wisdom sang the beauty and i found some lifefaith key..

check me out in the blue sky if you rain me through the land
a rosy chocolate bar, a sister and my smiling friend
when would this difficult country speak and understand?
i dont mean you or her or him i was searching simply where we went
into the palms of the gods or for the sake of the stronggrip hand!
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