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Alt 14.02.2006, 21:59   #1
Dabei seit: 10/2001
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Standard what's on my mind

now let me tell you a story,
of fighting, hope and glory,
of kings and queens, no tv screens,
medieval spleens and those redeemed

it took its start long time ago,
iberians settled in britain we know,
farming and breeding and animal feeding,
'til 800 BC due to Celts they were bleeding

when Caesar came over, he first didn't like it,
but Claudius later can well be recited,
as he said "shit ain't bad" he ignited
the Romanization, so he must've liked it

but then, due to those Teutonic dudes,
the Roman were forced to with draw their troops,
which made room in full effect,
for some Germans called Saxons,
Angles and Jutes,
who soon came over and did not neglect,
to settle in England, the telling name them respects

the years went by and kingdoms established,
when vikings came raiding with faces so dev'lish,
anxiety, panic, horror and fear,
lucky them they soon vanished,
and peace was next years

Strong like an ox, not iffy like rovers,
in ten-sixtysix, French William stepped over,
claiming the throne, he came not alone,
and prevailed at last to make a new home

With him brought culture, new in a way
like everything French he liked to display,
established new courts,
built up large armed forts,
to subject that people,
but also gave them real laws

the pace of history speeded things up,
and soon the French saw that things tightened up,
their dominance did not last long,
as other kings were also strong.

...to be continued...
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